Rupicapra Villas, Papingo

Traditional stone villa's, self-catering touristic residences


Our books/ publishing works

  • Papingo - History of the village, by Ioannis Papaioannou, volume A
    Description of the village, its inhabitants and its nature, the churches, houses, the immigration, famous persons and benefactors, habits, traditions, costumes, etc.First published in 1978, republished in 1986, 1994), in Greek. The first and only one book ever written about Papingo.
  • Papingo - History of the village, volume Β
    –1985: this volume is focused on things of particular interest, of interest to scholars, university professors, linguists, ethnographers etc: language idiom, proverbs, etc by Ioannis Papaioannou, in Greek
  • Michael Anagnos (Μιχαηλ Αναγνωστοπουλος)
    Published in 1982, in Greek: biography of a famous person & benefactor, lived in the 19-20th century, who was from Papingo, in Greek
  • Zaccarias Sardellis - Ζαχαρίας Σαρδέλης
    Published in 2005, biograpy of another important person of letters from Papingo), in Greek, by Ioannis Papaioannou Letters of Michael Anagnos- commentaries (2006), in Greek, by Ioannis Papaioannou and Dr.Emmanouel .......
  • Papingo and its mountains, text and photos by Haritakis Papaioannou
    (published in 2005, 2007), in Greek
  • Agriogido- Rupicapra rupicapra
  • An elegant but rare wild animal that lives in the rocky summits op of the Greek mountains, in the edge of extinction (first published in 2003, republished in 2005). Text and photos by Haritakis Papaioannou, biologist- environmentalist, dedicated his life in the study of this rare animal, trying to help to survive the animal from being extinct by the many local poachers. The generic name of our stone-made villas complex get inspired by this elegant, proud and untamed animal!
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